Haíłzaqv and Nuučaan̓uɫ Woman inspired by elements drawn from the land and sea

Spirit Box Necklace


Paying homage to tradition.

The Spirit Box Necklace draws inspiration from the revered ‘spirit moon,’ occurring in the height of winter. Each medallion of cedar is engraved by laser and inlayed with abalone before being finished with beeswax for a deep, rich hue. Finally, a freely hanging skull bead is added. The chain is made from oxidized brass and tipped with a touch of dentalium shell, abalone, and beads.

These are a limited time piece and will only be made in small batches while supplies last.

Medallion Size: 4 inch length, 2 inch width
Chain Length: 28 inches
: cedar, abalone inlay, abalone gem, dentalium, beads
: oxidized brass

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    A Carved Tapestry of Heritage
    The Spirit Box Necklace is inspired by the profound meaning and symbolism of our traditional bentwood boxes, which have long served as revered vessels of our wealth, treasures, and ceremonial treasures. By entrusting our sacred items to these magnificent boxes, we have preserved their spiritual and ceremonial potency over generations. Today, our ceremonial treasures remain enshrined, covered, and carefully stored, a testament to their enduring importance.

    During January, we call he moon ‘spirit moon.’ It is a time when the wolves are most hungry, and maybe we are too. We are hungry for spiritual food, light and warmth. Our ancestors embraced this spiritual time of year and enacted ceremony that depicted supernatural beings. It was a time to slow down, reflect, and live our art. This symbolism has been reflected in the creation of the Spirit Box Earring and Necklace set, and the entire Spirit Moon Collection. Each piece resonates with the artistry and aesthetic significance of our cultural heritage, transformed into wearable art that pays homage to our traditions.