Haíłzaqv and Nuučaan̓uɫ Woman inspired by elements drawn from the land and sea

Skull Collector


The dance between light and dark.

The Skull Collector is made from an acrylic base and features both acrylic and abalone inlay. The design uses ancestral hand patterns, and the cross-cultural symbol of skulls to show the struggle we all experience finding internal balance between light and shadow.

The deeper meaning of this connection is explained in the product description section.

Size: 6 inch length, 2 inch wide
Material: acrylic, abalone inlay
Hardware: silver plated steel (nickel free)

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    The tale of the Skull Collector
    In order to travel the path of a healing journey, one must be willing to face the shadows we cast to hide deeper truths from ourselves. The Skull Collector represents this dance between light and dark. Each copper-toned palm holds a skull, which are cross-cultural symbols that represent different emotions and concepts within many communities around the world. In Vina Brown’s culture, there are dark deities in winter ceremonies that teach us about this relationship between light and dark energies.

    The Skull Collector reminds us of the balance we crave within our hearts and minds, and of the connection between reality and the supernatural universe. They are for the people that aren’t afraid to illuminate what exists within them.