Haíłzaqv and Nuučaan̓uɫ Woman inspired by elements drawn from the land and sea

Healing Hearts


The healing journey of art as medicine.

The Healing Hearts earring is our most personal piece of the Spirit Moon Collection. Made from iridescent acrylic and featuring two styles of abalone inlay, the Healing Hearts represent a moment along Vina Brown’s own healing journey.

For her deeper story on their creation, please see the product description section below.

Size: 6 inches long (with hook), 3 inches wide
Material: acrylic, abalone
Hardware: silver-plated steel

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    A story of Healing Hearts
    “I was taught from a young age to be ‘tough and strong.’ I was taught to be a warrior, a soldier of sorts. I was taught that the world was cold and hard, and that I needed to be ready for it. So I pushed my vulnerability down and continued to move forward with life. As we all know, eventually our hurt and pain catches up to us, or maybe it never left us and we just found clever ways to ignore and suppress it.

    That pain always finds a way to show itself, to come out and create more chaos and more pain. Then we are stuck in a cycle, until we are ready to confront those dark parts of ourselves, until we are brave enough to say enough. We find a way to lovingly and with compassion shine light onto parts of ourselves that we tried to cover up for years.

    We aren’t hiding ourselves any more, we are expressing ourselves, crying to heal and to let go, and we aren’t feeling shame anymore. To my online CCW community, giaisixa for witnessing my healing journey. This platform has been the greatest gift and evolution.” 

    ~ Vina Brown, on designing Healing Hearts