Haíłzaqv and Nuučaan̓uɫ Woman inspired by elements drawn from the land and sea

Copper Hand Earring


A celebration of the connection between matter and spirit.

The Copper Hand earring combines all of our staple materials: acrylic, wood, and abalone.

Size: 4.75 inch length, 2 inch width
Material: acrylic, cedar, abalone inlay
Hardware: gold plated brass (nickel free)

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    The story of Copper Hands
    Our Copper Hand earring serves as a poignant homage to the profound healing and spiritual significance inherent in the hands of Indigenous women, drawing inspiration from the sacred traditions of the Heiltsuk winter dances. Each curve and line is imbued with symbolic meaning, representing not only the physical form but also the spiritual essence of the hands that have guided generations through the sacred rituals and ceremonies.

    Within Heiltsuk culture, the hands of women hold a unique power – they are the conduits through which love, healing, and resilience flow freely, binding communities together and nurturing the collective spirit. During ceremonies, these hands are raised in gestures of blessing and prayer, their energy extending beyond the physical realm to touch the hearts and souls of all those present.