Haíłzaqv and Nuučaan̓uɫ Woman inspired by elements drawn from the land and sea

Aunty Copper


In honor of the powerhouse Aunties who wear their culture and status with pride. These ‘Aunty Copper’ earrings are here for the not-so-shy Matriarchs to say, “I am here. You will notice me.”

These stunning pieces are full of tradition and story-telling. Blending Northwest Coast Formline Art, the Pacific Northwest botanical ‘Nootka Rose, honor of our ancestors and their stories in the form of a Copper Shield, and ermine pelts signifying status and beauty in Vina’s culture. These earrings truly tell a connection to the world around us.

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We love a good statement earring at Copper Canoe Woman, but sometimes statement just isn’t ENOUGH statement, which is why we are offering these rare ‘Aunty Copper’ earrings for a limited time. Choose from select pre-made colors (while supplies last), or purchase a made-to-order color option. Only sixteen made-to-order slots will be available.

The cross-hatch etched design is used in Northwest Coast Formline Art, and the flower design is representative of native Pacific Northwest wild roses also known as the ‘Nootka Rose.’ The copper shield at the center honors the ancestors and systems of wealth, while the ermine pelts are an additional sign of status and beauty in Vina’s culture.

Size: 17 inches (acrylic), 32-38 inches total
Material: acrylic, abalone inlay, genuine ermine pelt
Hardware: silver-plated ‘eye’ style ear hooks